Wordpress REST API Handbook


View user information data such as username, name, email, blog, and Gravatar.
Resource     Description
GET/sites/$site/users     List the users of a site.
POST/sites/$site/users/$user_id     Update details of a user of a site.
GET/sites/$site/users/login:$user_id     Get details of a user of a site by login.
POST/sites/$site/users/$user_ID/delete     Deletes or removes a user of a site.
GET/users/suggest     Get a list of possible users to suggest for @mentions.
GET/me     Get metadata about the current user.
GET/me/billing-history     Get list of current user's billing history and upcoming charges.
GET/me/settings/     Get the current user's settings.
POST/me/settings/     Update the current user's settings.
GET/me/preferences/     Get the current user's settings.
POST/me/preferences/     Update the current user's preferences.
POST/me/settings/password/validate     Verify strength of a user's new password.
GET/me/settings/profile-links/     Get current user's profile links.
POST/me/settings/profile-links/new     Add a link to current user's profile.
POST/me/settings/profile-links/$slug/delete     Delete a link from current user's profile.
GET/me/connected-applications/     Get current user's connected applications.
GET/me/connected-applications/$ID     Get one of current user's connected applications.
POST/me/connected-applications/$ID/delete     Delete one of current user's connected application access tokens.
GET/me/two-step     Get information about current user's two factor configuration.
POST/me/two-step/sms/new     Sends a two-step code via SMS to the current user.
GET/me/likes/     Get a list of the current user's likes.

View general site information and options.
Resource     Description
GET/sites/$site/shortcodes/render     Get a rendered shortcode for a site. Note: The current user must have publishing access.
GET/sites/$site/shortcodes     Get a list of shortcodes available on a site. Note: The current user must have publishing access.
GET/sites/$site/embeds/render     Get a rendered embed for a site. Note: The current user must have publishing access.
GET/sites/$site/embeds     Get a list of embeds available on a site. Note: The current user must have publishing access.
GET/sites/$site     Get information about a site.
GET/sites/$site/page-templates     Get a list of page templates supported by a site.
GET/sites/$site/post-types     Get a list of post types available for a site.
GET/sites/$site/post-counts/$post_type     Get number of posts in the post type groups by post status
GET/sites/$site/wordads/settings     Get detailed WordAds settings information about a site.
POST/sites/$site/wordads/settings     Update WordAds settings for a site.
GET/sites/$site/wordads/earnings     Get detailed WordAds earnings information about a site.
GET/sites/$site/wordads/tos     Get WordAds TOS information about a site.
POST/sites/$site/wordads/tos     Update WordAds TOS setting for a site.
POST/sites/$site/wordads/approve     Request streamlined approval to join the WordAds program.
GET/me/sites     Get a list of the current user's sites.
GET/sites/$site/widgets/widget:$id     Retrieve a widget on a site by its ID.
POST/sites/$site/widgets/widget:$id     Update a widget on a site by its ID.
POST/sites/$site/widgets/widget:$id/delete     Deactivate a widget on a site by its ID. Will delete if already deactivated.
GET/sites/$site/widgets     Retrieve the active and inactive widgets for a site.
POST/sites/$site/widgets/new     Activate a widget on a site.
GET/sites/$site/headers/$theme_slug     Get the custom header options for a site with a particular theme.
GET/sites/$site/headers/mine     Get the custom header options for a site.
POST/sites/$site/headers/mine     Set the custom header options for a site.

View and manage posts including reblogs and likes.
Resource     Description
GET/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID     Get a single post (by ID).
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID     Edit a post.
GET/sites/$site/posts/slug:$post_slug     Get a single post (by slug).
GET/sites/$site/posts/     Get a list of matching posts.
POST/sites/$site/posts/new     Create a post.
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/delete     Delete a post. Note: If the trash is enabled, this request will send the post to the trash. A second request will permanently delete the post.
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/restore     Restore a post or page from the trash to its previous status.
POST/sites/$site/posts/delete     Delete multiple posts. Note: If the trash is enabled, this request will send non-trashed posts to the trash. Trashed posts will be permanently deleted.
POST/sites/$site/posts/restore     Restore multiple posts.
GET/me/posts     Get a list of posts across all the user's sites.
GET/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/likes/     Get a list of the likes for a post.
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/likes/new     Like a post.
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/likes/mine/delete     Unlike a post.
GET/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/likes/mine/     Get the current user's like status for a post.
GET/sites/$site/posts/$post/subscribers/     Get a list of the specified post's subscribers.
GET/sites/$site/posts/$post/subscribers/mine     Get subscription status of the specified post for the current user.
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post/subscribers/new     Subscribe current user to be notified of the specified post's comments.
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post/subscribers/mine/delete     Unsubscribe the current user from the specified post.
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/reblogs/new     Reblog a post.
GET/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/reblogs/mine     Get reblog status for a post.
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post/related     Search within a site for related posts.

View and manage a post's comments.
Resource     Description
GET/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID     Get a single comment.
POST/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID     Edit a comment.
GET/sites/$site/comments/     Get a list of recent comments.
GET/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/replies/     Get a list of recent comments on a post.
POST/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID/replies/new     Create a comment on a post.
POST/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/replies/new     Create a comment as a reply to another comment.
POST/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/delete     Delete a comment.
GET/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/likes/     Get the likes for a comment.
POST/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/likes/new     Like a comment.
POST/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/likes/mine/delete     Remove your like from a comment.
GET/sites/$site/comments/$comment_ID/likes/mine/     Get your like status for a comment.
GET/kill-switch/comment-likes     Kill comment likes

View and manage a site's tags and categories.
Resource     Description
GET/sites/$site/categories     Get a list of a site's categories.
GET/sites/$site/tags     Get a list of a site's tags.
GET/sites/$site/categories/slug:$category     Get information about a single category.
POST/sites/$site/categories/slug:$category     Edit a category.
GET/sites/$site/tags/slug:$tag     Get information about a single tag.
POST/sites/$site/tags/slug:$tag     Edit a tag.
GET/sites/$site/taxonomies/$taxonomy/terms/slug:$slug     Get information about a single term.
POST/sites/$site/taxonomies/$taxonomy/terms/slug:$slug     Edit a term.
GET/sites/$site/post-types/$post_type/taxonomies     Get a list of taxonomies associated with a post type.
GET/sites/$site/taxonomies/$taxonomy/terms     Get a list of a site's terms by taxonomy.
POST/sites/$site/categories/new     Create a new category.
POST/sites/$site/tags/new     Create a new tag.
POST/sites/$site/categories/slug:$category/delete     Delete a category.
POST/sites/$site/tags/slug:$tag/delete     Delete a tag.
POST/sites/$site/taxonomies/$taxonomy/terms/new     Create a new term.
POST/sites/$site/taxonomies/$taxonomy/terms/slug:$slug/delete     Delete a term.

Follow and unfollow blogs.
Resource     Description
GET/sites/$site/follows/     List a site's followers in reverse chronological order.
POST/sites/$site/follows/new     Follow a blog.
POST/sites/$site/follows/mine/delete     Unfollow a blog.
GET/sites/$site/follows/mine     Get blog following status for the current user.

Connect social media services to automatically share new posts and manage sharing buttons on a site.
Resource     Description
GET/sites/$site/sharing-buttons/     Get a list of a site's sharing buttons.
POST/sites/$site/sharing-buttons     Edit all sharing buttons for a site.
GET/meta/external-services/     Get a list of third-party services that WordPress.com or Jetpack sites can integrate with via keyring.
GET/meta/external-services/$service     Get information about a single external service that WordPress.com or Jetpack sites can integrate with via keyring.
GET/me/publicize-connections/     Get a list of publicize connections that the current user has set up.
GET/me/publicize-connections/$publicize_connection_ID     Get a single publicize connection that the current user has set up.
POST/me/publicize-connections/$publicize_connection_ID     Update a single publicize connection belonging to the current user.
POST/me/publicize-connections/$publicize_connection_ID/delete     Delete the specified publicize connection.
GET/me/keyring-connections/     Get a list of all the keyring connections associated with the current user.
GET/me/keyring-connections/$keyring_connection_ID     Get a single Keyring connection that the current user has setup.
POST/me/keyring-connections/$keyring_connection_ID/delete     Delete the Keyring connection (and associated token) with the provided ID. Also deletes all associated publicize connections.
GET/sites/$site/publicize-connections/     Get a list of publicize connections that are associated with the specified site.
GET/sites/$site/publicize-connections/$publicize_connection_ID     Get a single publicize connection that is associated with the specified site.
POST/sites/$site/publicize-connections/$publicize_connection_ID     Update a single publicize connection belonging to the specified site.
POST/sites/$site/publicize-connections/new     Create a new publicize connection that is associated with the specified site.
POST/sites/$site/publicize-connections/$publicize_connection_ID/delete     Delete the specified publicize connection.
GET/meta/sharing-buttons     Get a list of external services for which sharing buttons are supported.
Freshly Pressed

View Freshly Pressed posts from the WordPress.com homepage.
Resource     Description
GET/freshly-pressed/     Get a list of Freshly Pressed posts. (Note: Freshly Pressed has been retired. Please visit https://discover.wordpress.com to get the best content published across our network.)

View and manage a user's notifications.
Resource     Description
POST/notifications/seen     Set the timestamp of the most recently seen notification.
POST/notifications/read     Mark a set of notifications as read.

View analytics for your application.
Resource     Description
GET/insights     Get a list of stats/metrics/insights that the current user has access to.
GET/insights/$slug     Get raw data for a particular graph.

Manage and view a user's subscriptions to the WordPress.com Reader.
Resource     Description
GET/read/menu/     Get default reader menu.
GET/read/feed/$feed_url_or_id     Get details about a feed.
GET/read/sites/$site/posts/$post_ID     Get a single post (by ID).
GET/read/following/     Get a list of posts from the blogs a user follows.
GET/read/liked/     Get a list of posts from the blogs a user likes.
GET/read/tags/$tag/posts     Get a list of posts from a tag.
GET/read/tags     Get a list of tags subscribed to by the user.
GET/read/trending/tags     Get a list of trending tags.
GET/read/tags/$tag     Get details about a specified tag.
GET/read/tags/$tag/mine     Get the subscribed status of the user to a given tag.
POST/read/tags/$tag/mine/new     Subscribe to a new tag.
POST/read/tags/$tag/mine/delete     Unsubscribe from a tag.
GET/read/following/mine     Get a list of the feeds the user is following.
POST/read/following/mine/new     Follow the specified blog.
POST/read/following/mine/delete     Unfollow the specified blog.
GET/read/feed/     Get the ID and subscribe URL of one or more matching feeds by domain or URL.
GET/read/recommendations/mine/     Get a list of blog recommendations for the current user.

View stats for a site.
Resource     Description
GET/sites/$site/stats     Get a site's stats
GET/sites/$site/stats/summary     View a site's summarized views, visitors, likes and comments
GET/sites/$site/stats/top-posts     View a site's top posts and pages by views
GET/sites/$site/stats/video/$post_id     View the details of a single video
GET/sites/$site/stats/referrers     View a site's referrers
GET/sites/$site/stats/clicks     View a site's outbound clicks
GET/sites/$site/stats/tags     View a site's views by tags and categories
GET/sites/$site/stats/top-authors     View a site's top authors
GET/sites/$site/stats/comments     View a site's top comment authors and most-commented posts
GET/sites/$site/stats/video-plays     View a site's video plays
GET/sites/$site/stats/podcast-downloads     View a site's podcast downloads
GET/sites/$site/stats/post/$post_id     View a post's views
GET/sites/$site/stats/country-views     View a site's views by country
GET/sites/$site/stats/followers     View a site's followers
GET/sites/$site/stats/comment-followers     View a site's comment followers
POST/sites/$site/stats/referrers/spam/new     Report a referrer as spam
POST/sites/$site/stats/referrers/spam/delete     Unreport a referrer as spam
GET/sites/$site/stats/publicize     View a site's publicize follower counts
GET/sites/$site/stats/search-terms     View search terms used to find the site
GET/sites/$site/stats/streak     Get stats for Calendar Heatmap. Returns data with each post timestamp.

Manage a site's media library.
Resource     Description
POST/sites/$site/media/$media_ID/delete     Delete a piece of media. Note: Media is deleted and not trashed.
GET/sites/$site/media/$media_ID     Get a single media item (by ID).
POST/sites/$site/media/$media_ID     Edit basic information about a media item.
GET/sites/$site/media/     Get a list of items in the media library.
POST/sites/$site/media/new     Upload a new piece of media.
POST/sites/$site/media/$media_ID/edit     Edit a media item.

View and manage a site's menus.
Resource     Description
POST/sites/$site/menus/new     Create a new navigation menu.
POST/sites/$site/menus/$menu_id     Update a navigation menu.
GET/sites/$site/menus/$menu_id     Get a single navigation menu.
GET/sites/$site/menus     Get a list of all navigation menus.
POST/sites/$site/menus/$menu_id/delete     Delete a navigation menu

Batch several API GET requests into one.
Resource     Description
GET/batch/     Run several GET endpoints and return them as an array.

View video information.
Resource     Description
GET/videos/$guid     Get the metadata for a specified VideoPress video.
GET/videos/$guid/poster     Get the poster for a specified VideoPress video.
POST/videos/$guid/poster     Upload and set a poster for a specified VideoPress video.


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